Hidden in plain sight

From The Register:

Artworks which went missing from the Boston Public Library, leading to FBI involvement and the resignation of the library’s president, have been found on a shelf in the library.


The Boston Globe reported that the pair of rare prints were found a day after president Amy Ryan announced her resignation.

Is there a connection, hidden or otherwise, here?

The prints – an Albrecht Dürer engraving valued at $600,000 and a Rembrandt etching worth up to $30,000 – were found on a shelf a short walk away from where they had been expected to be filed.

I would like to have been a fly on the wall when that happened. Especially bearing in mind this:

It is understood that the artworks were found after an eight-week search of the library’s stacks. A library statement claims that 14 library workers searched through 180,000 of the print stacks’ 320,000 items before the missing items were discovered.


And the underlying reason for this dreadful – but hilarious – state of affairs?

The library has no central inventory list of what it owns, and there is no catalogue of each item. In a trustees’ meeting, Ryan complained that she had inherited “a system in which her predecessors voraciously acquired collections for the library, but didn’t keep records to accompany them.”

The president’s explanation is something of an own goal, given that this is at the end of her tenure. Why didn’t she doing something about it when she was in a responsible position? It’s not exactly going to encourage Bostonians to leave valuable artifacts to the public library.