Five for Friday

After a relaxing few days at the Dead Sea, Richard and Sarah traveled back to the UK at the start of the week. But the UK is still well represented in Israel, as Tony and Rona, and Bernard and Janis are in town, and inevitably we have been doing some more wining, dining, and reminiscing. Our rose tinted spectacles need a wee clean.

And while we were otherwise engaged, the weekend arrived. Again. It keeps coming back, each time faster than the last. There’s no alternative but to hang on and hold tight! We did take a time out with an early morning bike ride, completed before it got too hot. It was perfect. (It’s not Glentress, though.)  At times like these I wonder why so many gyms have poor exercise bikes. (It’s the strange way my  brain works.)

Meantime, here are the usual selection of links for your attention, interest, amusement, enjoyment, indignation, and whatever. Just be safe and well.

Shabbat Shalom!