Adventures in Arizona – Sunday


And so, to battle. My game to start the con is Grognard Simulations’ Incredible Courage: Waterloo. It is a game done with 100 yard hexes, 10 minute turns, and company/battalion and squadron/regiment sized units.

On the Allied side, Chris Fasulo (left flank), Vinnie Fasulo (Prussians) and me (right flank). On the French side, John Foy (right flank) and Clark Daggs (left flank).

The first action consisted of the French hastily sending out couriers to cancel the orders to assault Hougomont. They wanted to take a different approach. Then they sent out a couple of cavalry divisions towards the Allied left flank (and the entry zone for the Prussians). The French First Corps joined the action with a drive at Smohain, then northwards. In addition, the French formed a huge artillery mass south of La Haye Sainte. They cleared that outpost with a deadly fire, and kept the Allied guns quiet.


The Allied response was to shift some cavalry to the left flank, but not to engage, while pulling the main infantry line of defense off the ridge and away from the deadly French artillery. At the same time, the French reignited their desire to take Hougomont, and so it looks like we (the Allies) will be facing a three pronged assault.

Time is on our side, but we will need the Prussians to make an impact pretty much as soon as they arrive.

The game is easy to play, even if the mechanisms are a little unusual. The main practical handicap was that Chris forgot to bring the Order of Battle charts, so it took a bit longer to separate out the troops. I’m having a ball.