Adventures in Arizona – Monday

Part of setup materials from Grognard Simulations' game called Incredible Courage: Waterloo

Part of setup materials from Grognard Simulations’ game called Incredible Courage: Waterloo

Day two of the Incredible Courage: Waterloo game saw some surprising developments.

The French had clearly decided they were going to take their time so far as Hougomont was concerned, and were content to nibble away at the defenses, hex by hex. However, in the center, bursting through their won artillery batteries, came the Old Guard. These legendary fighters plowed right through the first line of Allied defenders, only to be beaten back by a combination of top quality British Guard Infantry and heavy cavalry. Normally, the Guard are retained for later in the day. But Napoleon in our game was throwing caution to the wind.

On the Allied front, we thought that repulse would force the French to stop and think. Instead, the Guard licked their wounds and came back for more. And, at the same time, were supported by major offenses on either side of them. Suddenly the whole Allied line of defense east of La Haye Sainte was crumbling. Wellington and company raced to try and reform a cohesive line.

The Prussians, meantime, had arrived. Unfortunately for Wellington, the early arrivals are not the best of troops and Napoleon had sent out a considerable high quality force to keep them from doing any mischief while the rest of the French forces battered the Allied defenders. It rather looked as if the Prussians were going to be forced to wait for more troops to arrive before they can even attempt a serious thrust to help Wellington.

That’s where we are at the end of play today, for which the following picture hopefully gives you some further idea.