Adventures in a Gaming Land

Today was the day when, among other events, the dealer room opened. Decision Games, Legion Games, Lost Battalion Games, Pacific Rim, and Victory Point Games all had stuff on show and for sale, with GMT, MMP, and other companies’ products available through Decision.

As well as the games fro sale, there were gamer accessories. What’s a gamer accessory? Glad you asked:


A dice tray. Perfect for the gamer in your life!

In addition, John Kranz hosted tonight’s welcome assembly. As the person who had traveled the longest distance, apparently, I was introduced to the crowd and received a game as a special prize. (Cool!)

There was a short but entertaining talk from guest of honor Mark Herman, and we spent some time remembering absent friends, such as the late John Hill.

Tomorrow I am going to tray and get some pictures of the games on offer in the main hall (or at least some of them) to give you an idea of the diversity of stuff being played.