A little bit of magic

And a little bit of bridge building.

From the Times of Israel:

The Israeli magician Israel Cagliostro set a Guinness World Record for the largest magic lesson by teaching a group of 1,576 fifth and sixth graders from Haifa a card trick on Monday. Cagliostro was aiming to break an existing record set by Scottish magician Kevin McMahon in 2012.

But that’s not the real magic. This is:

But record breaking aside, he aimed to promote peace and coexistence in Israel. The massive lesson, dubbed “Haifa Magic for Peace,” brought together Jewish, Christian and Muslim students from across Haifa for a day of fun and cross-cultural interaction. It was organized by the Haifa Municipality and Beit HaGefen, a Jewish-Arab cultural center.

Read it all, here.

If you spot this on the mainstream western media, let me know. Apparently, positive news about communities working together towards peace, is not news.