A different type of FFS

Earlier this week I posted about the new album from FFS. This post is about a different FFS. It’s the FFS I found myself saying on reading this at the Times of Israel:

A former intelligence chief for the Obama administration on Wednesday tore apart an emerging nuclear deal with Iran, describing it as a “placeholder” suffering from “severe deficiencies” based on “wishful thinking” and warning that Iranian leaders would never give up their nuclear ambitions.

Speaking to the House Foreign Affairs subcommittee, retired Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn systematically criticized three key elements of a deal aimed at curbing the weapons aspects of Iran’s nuclear program: inspections of sites, the removal of sanctions, and how long the agreement would delay an eventual Iranian bomb.

Only one man’s opinion, but a rather well informed and knowledgeable one.

The article includes this quote from Flynn:

“We, the United States of America, must comprehend that evil doesn’t recognize diplomacy and nations such as Iran will still maintain the intent of achieving nuclear weapon status.”

My reaction is that it is not the USA that needs to comprehend this; it’s Obama. The buck stops with him.

Oh, FFS!

Read it all, here.