You cannot run. You cannot hide.

Sheer and I had an extended session of Netrunner.

Sheer had been looking for a while for me to introduce him to this game, and he was an enthusiastic and quick learner.


We used the recommended out-of-the-box decks, with Sheer taking the Runner against my Corporation for the first two games.

Game one.

I drew a handful of Agendas and couldn’t protect them. Sheer made a successful run on my deck, and two runs on deployed servers. I came close to eliminating him with an Ambush, but not close enough.

Game two.

I drew a good starting selection of Ice and Ambushes, and a money engine that set me up for all situations. I soon scored a couple of Agendas. That made Sheer keen to make more runs, and my Ambush killed him off.

Game three.

We switched sides. Sheer let slip that he was holding a ton of Agendas, but I refrained from taking advantage of their unprotected status. Instead, I let him play out his hand, while I tried to deploy my own forces.

We were at 5-5 when, in quick succession, he ran a couple of bluffs. I brilliantly ignored these, only to continue the behavior when he he ran a genuine Agenda to claim a 7-5 win.

Well played, Sheer!

This only scratches the surface. We have yet to try any of the deckbuilding aspects of the game, so it was good to see that Sheer seemed to enjoy himself and is keen to play more. Peleg and John have also shown interest in this, so it should get further play.