The Palestinians’ biggest problem – and it’s not Israel

There must be a blue moon in the sky…

Somebody in the western media is telling its readers what the situation truly is:

“Meanwhile Egypt, Israel, Lebanon, Syria and Jordan continue to have problems with the Palestinians. While Arabs do not like to discuss this openly, everyone acknowledges that the biggest problem the Palestinians have is the corruption of their own leaders. Because of the corruption their leaders try to keep people focused on the effort to destroy Israel.”

And is it difficult to get the crowd wound up?

“But it’s easy to get young (especially teenage males) Palestinians fired up because these kids have been raised with Arab media that constantly praises violence against non-Moslems (and especially Israelis) as an admirable and worthy activity.”

At this point the writer is being coy; for “Israelis” read “Jews.”

And how extensive is this media campaign?

“That includes extensive children’s programming on TV for kids of all ages. This is an absurd situation and Israel is making little headway in persuading its critics in the West that the Palestinians do not want peace. What Palestinian internal propaganda (in Palestinian media and in speeches by officials) has been saying for decades and still says is that the Palestinian objective is the destruction of Israel and the death or expulsion of all Jews from the Middle East.

Not a surprise to those of us who remain cynical. They want to destroy Israel. Do they all want that? No. Does it matter that it is not a unanimous view? No. Does it make peace impossible? Almost. I am very pessimistic – though I believe we have to try, really strive for it – and wished there were more positive signs within Palestinian Society.


“More radical Palestinians (and many other Arabs) not only call for all non-Moslems to be killed or expelled but act on that wherever possible (like Syria, Iraq and Egypt.) Pro-Palestinian Westerners keep making up excuses to explain away this religious bigotry but that is wearing thin as the death toll mounts and the Israelis publicize (in detail) the Palestinian media exhortations to violence.”

For me, the excuses by western apologists have never been anything other than meaningless drivel. I don’t see these excuses wearing thin with the people holding the power – hello, Obama! – but maybe I am too close to see it. Maybe there is, under the surface, some recognition.

In short, as said before, there is a material problem of antisemitism and related incitement in Palestinian Society, in official and unofficial media. That is one of the biggst obstacles to peace. This author says the obstacle is there so that the leadership can create a diversion from its own corruption. Probably that’s right. Who will stop it? Who will ridicule the Emperor’s new clothes?

Read the whole thing, here.