Standing idle

Here’s the starting point:

“The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.”

Edmund Burke

Now, let’s talk about Qatar. Not about the terrible treatment of the migrant (World Cup) workers there. Nor about the strange attitude they have to press freedom. Nor about their acquisition of some famous western assets.

Instead, let’s talk about terrorism, dead kids, and turning a blind eye.

Qatar looks to me like a totalitarian state that wants to be loved. So, it backs certain initiatives. In the western world, it sponsors football teams, and promotes its airline. Elsewhere, it has funded the terrorists of Hamas, and given these heroes cover, comfort, and safe harbor protection. And still the west, largely, turns a Nelsonian eye. It’s almost as if the media were aware of an organized crime family, but hesitated to say a word, for fear of retribution.

That all sounds so clinical.

Want a change of perspective?

How about noting that Qatar has hosted a television show episode for terrorists to revel in their murder of innocents; their murder of Jewish kids? Don’t believe me? Try this:

“For the record, our daughter’s murderer had no difficulty going to Qatar in 2013 from her home base in Jordan and basing herself and her team there to film an episode of her weekly television show – the one that exists to rejoice in the killing of Jewish children and the ‘heroism’ of her fellow terrorist savages. Click on this YouTube clip to watch as she giggles and beams her way through an hour of interviews with other freed Shalit Deal murderers living in Qatar with their new, young families.”

[I removed the link to YouTube. I do not want to generate any traffic for that video.]

You can read the whole post, which among other achievements, points the finger at one terrorist enabler who remains free as the rest of the world ignores him, here. All credit to the Roths for their continuing struggle in the ongoing war. They are doing something. More good people need to act.

Are you listening Obama?