Pickett’s Charge


From one classic battle to another, next on the games table, the old Yaquinto game about Gettysburg. Brigade level, hourly turns, 500 yard hexes with an awful (but serviceable) map, a basic game, and a ton of optional rules.

One thing that puts many gamers off is the use of rosters (unit strength and morale rating are not on the counters).

When I opened the box I found some house rules that I must have cobbled together previously. I used these and fairly rattled through the first day – mostly to re-familiarize myself with the rules and systems – which ended with a win for the Union. The Union First Corps arrived and performed heroics, and it was downhill for the Confederates after that.

I have reset it to have another go.

Random thoughts:

  • Maneuver on the battlefield, as per the rules, is so slow. Arriving is easy.
  • The combat results seem very bloody. Even with the prospect of some overnight recovery, units have disappeared under fire.
  • The game needs better command rules. It’s not such a big deal in the first day, but if I were ever enthused enough to fight the whole battle, I would want that. Perhaps a lighter version of CWBS.
  • Talking of that, maybe it’s time to get out Thunder at the Crossroads again?
  • On the other hand, maybe I should bite the bullet and get down to the Regimental scale?