Napoleon goes square

Newly arrived:


This is the Napoleonic version of Richard Borg‘s (“Borg’s” not “Berg’s”) Commands and Colors system.

GMT’s excellent production gives you a hard mounted (folding) game board, with wooden blocks and sheets of self adhesive stickers that you apply to make up the units. There are overlays, some unique dice, a deck of cards to drive the game – the cards limit what you can do with your troops – a color rulebook, and a color book of scenarios.


I have the Ancient era version and have had much joy using it as an introductory game for non wargamers. I don’t really need another introductory game, but while that will not hurt, there was another motive for – finally – giving in and buying the damn thing.

I have been thinking about doing some miniatures gaming in this era. But getting and painting the miniatures is a major time consuming endeavor. So, I have this idea of using the blocks from the game instead of miniatures. Of course, I need to settle on some rules and so forth. But getting these soldiers is a good start. Besides, I do fully intent to use the game. There are some who will prefer Napoleonics to Ancients, and now I can cater for both.

First up, I have to apply the stickers to the blocks. Here are some British Grenadier Guard units.


I still have a way to go. What you see are the remaining British and Portugese blocks. The French blocks are all done, but at the time the photographs were taken, Napoleon had them off on a training march.