This week’s session started with Amiram, Sheer, Susan, and I engaged in a game of Dominion: Intrigue. (Susan generously dropped out part way through to allow John to play.) We used one of the recommended sets, but probably did not play it to its full potential, as we shied away from over using the sharp attacking cards.


Amiram built up a lot of money, but took too long to buy Victory Point cards. I was in much the same boat. John got into a bit of a rhythm and seemed to be doing well. However, Sheer was doing that little bit better, and he claimed the win. Well done, Sheer!

Sheer then repeated his success, this time around with Ticket to Ride: Europe. John, Sheer, and I all had big ticket scores, and Amiram missed out on those. He had done well on on board scoring, but had taken a couple of tickets he could not complete.

Last up was Reibach & Co. This was a return to classic fun, and after a rapid game, John was the winner. Well done, John!


Thanks to all who came for making it another good night of gaming.