Roy and I got together for a mix of wargaming and eurogaming.

First up was Hammer of the Scots, a block game from Columbia, designed by Jerry Taylor, on the war waged by the English to impose their authority north of the border, in the face of William Wallace led opposition.


It’s a card driven game, in the sense that you use cards to move your troops, with the usual buckets of dice combat system, as smartly tweaked so often by Columbia’s designers.

The game situation has the Scots trying to build up power, while the English strive to get enough might in places to wipe out the rebellion before it takes hold.

I was the Scots and I got hammered.

I don’t especially like games that use buckets of dice as a combat system, and I was not persuaded by the card activation. So, it’s not a surprise to say I did not like the game. Roy feels it is thematic and atmospheric, but it doesn’t work for me. However, it was fun trying to make it work.

Next up was Dominion. We used a random selection which saw Roy buy tons of Spy cards, and me buy lots of Gardens cards.


Roy looked to be cruising, as he was well ahead in outright VP purchases. But come the final reckoning, the Gardens did me proud, though I did lose out by a single point. Great fun.