Fighting in France, 1940

On the table, probably one of the most gorgeous looking games I have ever seen, La Bataille de France, 1940, designed by Juan Carlos Cebrian and Nicolas Eskubi, and produced by Compass Games.


It’s a platoon level game, with hexes representing 150-200 meters, and turns of 12-15 minutes of real time.

If you cannot work out the topic, I humbly suggest wargaming is not for you…

It uses alternating activations, with leaders and associated formations, giving you a good mix of units, situations, and scenario sizes.

I may try and do a more detailed post later, so for now will just say I am having a good time with this, trying to get used to the system, and to crack the tactical problems presented in the couple of scenarios I have played so far.

If you want to know more, meantime, go here.

Finally, it’s worth emphasizing the great support given in Consimworld so far as answering rules questions, queries, and the like.