Another Red Wave

This month’s meeting of the Israel ASL Club took place at my home. Daniel and I played A107 The Red Wave, while Josh and Ran played AP 38 Infiltrators.

First, the following from Josh:

“Infiltrators is not your standard scenario. It features a strange armor battle of armored cars, halftracks, trucks and some infantry.

Basically the Germans have to destroy the British truck convoy. We started off just generally scrapping, punko vs. punko, with Ran getting the better of me and destroying my halftracks. But as the scenario wore I started to find my footing as my troops got in PF range. One of Ran’s main weapons was recalled and this helped balance things.

Ran’s trucks came on protected by his tanks and it looked like he found a clear path off. But then, like the Japanese battleships that slipped past the American fleet into Leyte Gulf and stumbled upon an unprotected landing, I found a hole and attacked the truck convoy from the rear with armored cars.

At this point I had a chance. My first armored car rammed the last truck, but rolled a 10 in the OVR attack. The second armored car stopped to take a shot, but was destroyed by an annoying 2 from a far-off tank that swiveled. Another HT guarding a pass behind bocage was destroyed, and then I realized Ran would be able to exit his three-truck quota without problem and I surrendered.

I would love to play this scenario again. I have a lot of good ideas how to beat the British…

One last thing, the Germans choose three of the four groups. Who not to choose? There is no question here. The group with the motorcycle is immediately rejected.”

Thank you, Josh.

Ran comments as follows:

“I enjoyed my game with Josh. My main remark to Josh’s game report is that I think the Germans must try to avoid contact with the British as much as possible, while still blocking the roads, and force the British trucks to remain in convoy as long as possible.”

Interesting. Thanks, Ran.

Meantime, back to my game of Red Wave.

This was my second play of this, also as the German defender. I requested it to see if I could put to use the lessons learned against Ran. And, on the whole, I was pleased and thought my performance was better. I still lost…

Here is the game with both sides set up.


Notice the toe to toe arrangement in the middle, with a killer Soviet stack against a puny single German squad and SMG. This happened because I misread the Soviet setup instructions. They are allowed to set up in half hexes of their board. My defense was too far forward.

Daniel suggested I should defend further back, but I am unconvinced.

This is what happened.

The Soviets attacked, declaring a Human Wave that swept into my forward defenses. (My squad and SMG survived the attack, and lived to fight another day. But it was a short day!) My defensive fire and sniper activity killed off two of his leaders and at least one squad. But my forces were worse affected.

At this point, I was trying to put together a second line of defense.


My left flank forces were successful and repelled all assaults. However, elsewhere, although I took out one of his tanks – with the gun hidden in H5 – the other tank alone was the main cause of damage. Not directly, though. Daniel, expertly, used his vehicle to freeze a stack at a time (occupying it so as not to allow the defending stack to fire out of the hex) while advancing with infantry. The infantry jumped in during the Advance Phase, entered close combat, and – despite some heroic enduring stands – were successful in eliminating the defenders. Rinse and repeat.

He had to do this because, gradually, my defensive fire had taken a sufficiently high toll that he could not win by exiting units. So, in part, a success. Instead, the Soviets won by claiming control of the victory locations.

Enthralling and immersive, again. Quite a gaming experience. Thanks to Daniel, Josh, and Ran for coming along and making it all so much fun.