Yom Haatzmaut 2015

We were invited out for Yom Haatzmaut evening; a night of Israeli food, chat, and a quiz. It was all terrific, apart from the quiz. Let’s just say I have still got a lot to learn about my homeland!

And, as I posted on Facebook, we had some flag:


Today, Susan and I went biking at Beri. It’s about 24km of rocky singletrack, with half a dozen outrageous climbs, and some tricky buts for the unwary. I was unwary – and badly out of practice – so paid for it with an abandon ship enactment, a face plant, and several close encounters of the knee graze type. In short, I fell a few times. But I did make it to the end with all limbs intact, and only a slight limp. In each foot. ┬áSo, not too bad. The falls really sap the energy, though. Susan, Peter, and Anne stayed on the bike much more. I must try to emulate them next time!

Oh, and I came back home and logged on to catch up with coverage of the Yom Haatzmaut celebrations. The funny thing is, I cannot see any mention on the Guardian. Or the BBC. They are not normally so coy about covering Israel. What can the matter be? Did I miss it?