The seven wonders of Acquire

For last week’s session, I was joined by Amiram, John, Peleg, and Sheer.

We started with a standard game of 7 Wonders (this being Amiram’s first try at the game). It was cool for me to listen to Sheer (helped by Peleg) doing the rules explanation in Hebrew. Much better than my Hebrew explanation would have been. And much, much, shorter…

7 Wonders is one of those games where the first time player has too many decisions to make that can sink him. However, Amiram paid careful attention to what was going on around him, and with some helpful advice, did commendably well. In fact, Amiram, Sheer, and Peleg all ended up on the same 47 points.  I did better by a solitary point, but John was a couple ahead and so won the first game of the night.


Next up, Acquire. This turned into a real slogging match with the lead looking as if it was changing every couple of turns. First me, then Sheer, then John, with Peleg and Amiram holding off in the background. However, eventually the lie of the tiles sunk us all except John who could claim a clean sweep of the honors on the night. Sheer was in second spot, and the rest of us were lagging well behind.

Two great games that we are sure to play again. Thanks to all who came for making the evening.