Sunnis sold down the river?

While there’s an ongoing war of words about the merits or otherwise of the nuclear deal with Iran, the focus remains largely on what Israel’s view is (as voiced by Bibi). Either you say Obama is right and Bibi is wrong, or the other way round. However, what much of the western media forgets is that Iran is also in a state of conflict with Arab states, and they are no less troubled by the potential of a nuclear armed Iran.

Elhanan Miller at the Times of Israel reports:

Saudi officials may have been masking their dismay over the framework nuclear agreement reached last week in Switzerland between world powers and Iran, but the kingdom’s official media outlets are expressing a sense of betrayal loud and clear.

“Gulf states — and especially Saudi Arabia, the Emirates, Qatar, Kuwait and Bahrain — have been experiencing the nightmare of an Iranian attack for decades,” the former editor-in-chief of Saudi-owned daily A-Sharq Al-Awsat, Abdul Rahman Rashed, wrote in an op-ed titled “Iran vs. Saudi Arabia” on Monday. “Now, after the nuclear agreement, there is no doubt that the danger has doubled. People are angry with the Obama administration for selling this region cheaply. He left it to its own devices to face an evil state.”

US President Barack Obama’s vague recent promise to defend Saudi Arabia’s borders from possible Iranian aggression requires better clarification, Rashed insisted.

“As long as the Americans don’t explicitly state their commitment to defend Saudi Arabia from Iran and Iraq, we will face large-scale regional anarchy as a result of the nuclear deal,” he asserted. “The Iranians are claiming that Obama is uninterested in the security of the Gulf and his American allies in the region. This Iranian thinking will lead to more regional wars.”

In other words, Obama sold the Sunnis down the river. Or so it appears.

This is the part of Obama’s foreign policy I do not understand. Ignore Israel. Instead, focus on this perspective:

Has Obama strengthened or weakened the standing of the USA?

I don’t think there’s much doubt what the answer to that question is. But why? Deliberate? Incompetence? Bad advice? I have this image of a ‘kiss-and-tell’ publication that will answer these questions, and many who supported Obama’s election will realize they were duped.

Sad to say, but for the USA’s sake – if not the world – the sooner Obama goes, the better. Nobody could be as bad as he has. Surely…