Shabbat Gaming

Catch up time.

Two Shabbats ago, Susan and I played Dominion; regular, straight up, common or garden, standard Dominion. What a great game it is. We played using the Size Distortion deck of action cards as listed in the rulebook, and had a close game. Susan has a great record at Dominion, and she kept that record going by edging me out by only a few points.


Fast forward to last Shabbat, when Susan and I were joined by Sarah-Lee as we all played Dominion: Seaside for the first time. The core mechanics are identical, but there are many action cards that have enduring effects. This means you might get a bonus (action or money or whatever) in the turn you play the card, and the next turn. Cute.

We only scratched the surface by trying just one of the recommended sets, but it was another great game. Although Susan won – again! – both Sarah-Lee and I were about one card away from being the winner. Very close, very intense, and a super way to while away a Shabbat afternoon.