"One day, a casino will make all the difference."

“One day, a casino will make all the difference.”

This week’s session started with John and Sheer teaching me how to play Suburbia. As in, the pair of them completely crushed me. I think it was my worst performance at the game, and I only have a vague idea why that might be.

First, we used Sheer’s suggestion to vary the selection of our individual hidden goals. I chose badly – fewest green buildings – and that mistake had a major impact.

Second, Sheer got his game engine in early order and took a big lead in income. John and I were still pottering along – none of us growing our populations too much – and I decided to go for a money strategy to work. That was a mistake, too.

Third, I completely underestimated what John was up to. I thought he was also struggling. However, he gradually built up a slow but growing powerhouse of gray tiles, and was in serious contention.

Fourth, Sheer grabbed the Casino when it came out. This meant his income did not go down – as it normally does – on making progress up the population chart. That was a great move and probably sealed the victory for him.

So Sheer won, but only a few points ahead of John. I think both were around the 100 point mark, and I was struggling to claim even half of that.


We then played a couple of games of Dominion: Intrigue. We played a couple of the suggested combinations from the rule book, and both were good fun. The Torturer, Masquerade, and Upgrade cards were among the many highlights. The card mechanics and interactions are clever, and the game continues to impress me.

It was John’s turn to excel, as he claimed the win in both games. Sheer and I each claimed one second place.

Thanks to John and Sheer for contributing to another entertaining evening.