Game of Thrones has rivals?

If you are a fan of the Game of Thrones TV series, it may be worth checking out the Guardian‘s piece by Thomas Batten, as it rates the contenders for the same audience: Game of Clones: how the pretenders measure up. Here’s a sample:

The cable landscape is packed with GoT homunculi, these imitations less about flattering the original than grabbing some of its audience. The checklist of cliches they employ is a long one and includes an old-time setting, convoluted plotting, graphic sexuality and violence, an overwhelmingly bleak view of humanity, and classically trained actors reciting gibberish dialogue. It’s a great time if you own a company that manufactures replica broadswords or merkins; but risky for anyone looking to idly binge on a new series. Hence this handy guide to the most high profile Pretenders to the Throne, examined and ranked at great risk to self and sanity on a scale of one to five ravens.

If you know of a worthwhile contender that is not quoted, please tell me!