Another piece of poison from HRW

Making a mockery of their name, and showing a total disregard for any standards of ethics, fairness, or impartiality, they are a leading contender for the WORST ‘human rights’ organization. Ladies and gentlemen, I give you Human Rights Watch.

HRW have a new report which accuses Jewish farmers in the Jordan Valley of illegally employing Palestinian child laborers.

NGO Monitor:

As with many other HRW accusations and publications on Israel, as documented by NGO Monitor, the claims in this publication are entirely unverifiable and based solely on interviews. HRW provides no evidence that it even attempted to confirm any of the claims, many of which quote children, independently. Furthermore, in this instance, the allegations are inherently unverifiable, since there are no permits, pay slips, paperwork, or other documentation for the supposed child workers. Indeed, according to an Israeli official interviewed in in response to HRW’s allegations, “It is a horrific lie. There is no justification for employing children, not just morally and legally but financially as well.”

And this is a good summary by NGO Monitor:

As the publication’s methodology section makes clear, HRW’s researcher (Bill van Esveld) began with a conclusion condemning Israel, and then sought evidence to persuade the intended audiences, particularly journalists readily influenced by NGO allegations.

You can see the NGO Monitor piece, here, and the Elder of Ziyon‘s composite and follow up, here. (I particularly liked the irony behind the photograph used for the report cover.)

Bottom line: this is hate speech in all but name.