The game in Spain

This week I weclomed Amiram, John, and Peleg for a two game session.

We started with Alhambra.

alhambra2Peleg and I had played this before, so I did a quick rules introduction for John and Amiram. Peleg kindly filled in the blanks in Hebrew for Amiram, then off we jolly well went.

Alhambra can be a cruel game. You can see the buildings you want to buy. You can see the money you want to draw. But the players who go before you may take what you want. Damn! It’s one game where advance planning is often scuppered, but it doesn’t slow down play that much.

Amiram and John picked up the game well. But Peleg was the winner with a great start that he built on.  I was well behind until the very last scoring, at which point I just about avoided coming in last place. Just about…

Next up, Dominion.

All except Amiram had played this before, so to speed up things Peleg did the rules explanation while I did the setup, helped by John.

The only attack card was the Bureaucrat, and the only card giving extra actions was the Market. So, it took people a while to build up decent combinations. Most of us tried to accumulate money, and that worked reasonably.

John came close a couple of times with a buying power of 7 (you need 8 for the big VPs) and that really hurt.

Peleg’s combinations never got him enough buying power, though he did try a variety of them.

This is a tricky game for novices, but Amiram did fine, and I think finished in runner up spot.

Unfortunately for everyone else, I did very well with enough luck and money at the right times to grab the big VPs, and I claimed the win.

Thanks to all who came for another fun night.