The candy these NGOs throw around

A quote from the Elder of Ziyon:

“Moreover, it proves, yet again, how far out of their depth NGOs that criticize Israel are. Without knowing what goes into military decisions, they cannot begin to come to any conclusion about the legality of any specific incident; yet they sprinkle around “war crimes” accusations like candy. They know literally nothing about military matters yet they self-righteously proclaim that the IDF is violating international law – laws that were written deliberately to allow military leaders to make exactly these kinds of decisions based on the best information they have at the time without fearing to be labeled war criminals.”

Read it all, here. Then ponder on the dreadful and substantial contribution made to anti-Israel hate and antisemitism by the likes of Amnesty and UNRWA, and the media who unhesitatingly and unquestioningly broadcast these messages. They are vile villains who profess liberal values and interest in human rights while demonizing the Jewish State.