Slap bang in the center

Here’s a graphic from the Ynet site (the Hebrew language version) relevant to their election coverage:


Look who is slap-bang in the middle of the picture, looking directly at you. Ynet haven’t been shy about their promotion of Herzog, Labor, the Zionist Union, and above all – anyone but Bibi! – but it remains interesting to notice these small, subtle, psychologically sound, reminders.

Incidentally, as of now, the English language version of the Ynet site has this form of the graphic:


There are differences, though it’s not immediately clear to me why there should be.

Why change Bibi‘s picture? Must he snarl for Hebrew speakers, and look doubtful for English speakers?

It looks like Lapid has had the reverse treatment: he smiles for Hebrew speakers, and goes somber for the English speakers.

Where did Eli Yishai (Ha’am Itanu) disappear to in the English version?

Hebrew speakers get Ayman Odeh (Hadash and head of the Joint Arab List), and English speakers get Ahmad Tibi (Ra’ama Ta’al, one of the Joint Arab List parties).


But Ynet‘s favorite remains right there in the center.