Pesach preparation

The minute Purim is over, all thoughts turn towards the start of the baseball season Pesach. For example, we now look at food in the house with an appraising eye as to whether we can use it up before Pesach.

And in the office, there’s a different type of appraisal, as we consider whether project deadlines mean there will need to be work done on the intermediary days (chol hamoed) of the festival.

On the plus side, the tradition in the office (like many in the sector) is to mark the festival with a bonus or suitable gift. Last year, I took the bonus by way of tokens, as none of the gifts on offer were of interest. So, here’s your starter question for ten points: what unsuitable gift is the one I have chosen this year?

Don’t puzzle for too long. Here it is:

B...b...but that's for making b...

B…b…but that’s for making b…

Yes, it’s a bread making machine. Yes, it’s a gift for Pesach. No, I don’t quite understand it. I just know I am going to have to pack it away for use after the chag!