On the warpath

No, not the political warpath…


A break from politics, with the latest arrival: Strategy and Tactics magazine number 291, with the game Warpath about the Indian Territory in the USA Civil War. The system (Hands of Destiny, apparently) is by Joseph Miranda, and this particular title is by Chris Perello.

Component wise, the game is a standard one map in size, with 228 5/8″ OK counters, and a 16 page rulebook. Units represent battalions of infantry or cavalry, or artillery batteries, turns are 6 months of real time, with a chit draw impulse system providing the game engine and chaos, on a box to box map of the area involved in the conflict.

I know next to nothing about the topic, so the magazine article on this is a very necessary and welcome primer; it gave good background and context, though I would prefer to do more reading on some aspects of the conflict.

The magazine looks the part, though many quibble about the quality of the writing. My take on it is different because I am not looking at the material as the first and last word on any of the covered topics. I see them as tasters, in the main, possibly sparking me on to do more reading of my own – even if it is only to reread or remind me about material I have previously consumed and partly (ahem) forgotten. For example, one of the articles was about Rudolf Witzig, a prime mover in the capture of Eben Emael in 1940. It included parts of an interview with Witzig, and that part was a good supplement to my existing knowledge. Even better, I had done no reading on the ‘Age of Dragons’ in China’s history, and got a lot out of Terence Co‘s article on that topic.