Cough! Cough! Look behind you!

I saw this at the Scotsman and thought it was a bloody good idea:

Residents of Ayr are the recipients of Scotland’s first “coughing” bus shelter.

Placed in Ayr’s town centre, anyone using it will have their attention drawn to the advert by the sound of a man coughing.

This is followed by the voice of a woman urging people to visit their doctor if they have had a cough for three weeks or more.

Aimed at alerting people to the symptoms of lung cancer, the shelter is a novel part of Scottish Government’s Detect Cancer Early health campaign.

The advert also carries the image of a middle-aged man coughing, with the strap-line: “Don’t get scared, get checked”.

I’d love to see this idea applied in Israel – but first they would need to turn the volume up to eleven.