Butcher of Riga

I am currently reading (among 1,001 other books it seems) Bettina Stangneth‘s Eichmann Before Jerusalem, which probably explains why this story in Ynet caught my eye:

50 years ago today, on March 7 1965, headlines announced that the body of Herberts Cukurs – the “Butcher of Riga” who was involved in the murder of 30,000 Latvian Jews in the Holocaust and escaped trial by fleeing to Brazil – had been found inside a crate in Montevideo, the capital of Uruguay.

Attached to the corpse was a note listing the Nazi collaborator’s crimes, signed by an organization calling itself “We Can Never Forget”.

It’s worth looking here and here for an up to date mention of the attempts to rehabilitate Cukurs as a national hero, and an indication as to why revenge squads get you revenge and not much else.