Turning the clock back

Or, to put it another way, last week’s session report. (Can you tell I am running a wee bit behind?) This report comes from Yehuda, to whom I offer my thanks.

Ken brought Suburbia.

I maintained a small tight city. had an early lead in income (7), but I was afraid that I didn’t have much in the way of synergy. I won by a few points. Sheer in 4th position and with his first building that doubled his lake income still let me get ahead of him in lakes. That secured for me the 20 point public bonus for most lakes. Sheer nearly won anyway; he lost at the end only after we carried my remaining money. John gained a massive income soon after I started falling back from 7; he got to 15 and stayed there for most of the game. John and Ken competed for the industry buildings, with Ken taking it.

It then turned out that none of them had played the classic Tigris and Euphrates. It’s something to think about: people who got into gaming in the last five years have not necessarily played the “classics” that came out until [before?] 2005. For instance, they also have never played El Grande.

Anyhow, T&E is a little tricky to explain but they got into it soon enough. Sheer had a run of bad luck with conflicts; he attacked me on several early occasions and lost all of the attacks. He won a few later on but they were not enough help. John mostly avoided conflicts. Meanwhile, Ken got a huge early gain in black (against Sheer). Then he gained a huge lead in blue and built a monument. He won yet another major conflict in green and built another monument. Only red gave him some trouble, and he never captured any treasures, but he still won by a point.

I gained a little from my early conflicts with Sheer and I had my experience to rely on. I took five of the treasures and thought I was fairly balanced, but couldn’t compete with the gains Ken achieved. I lost to him by a point.

Thanks, Yehuda.

That’s an interesting point about gamers having missed out on the classic games. We have played Medici, but not Modern Art for example. There must be others at the back of the cupboard…