The twitchy tweeter

"George Galloway 2007-02-24, 02" by David Hunt from Warwickshire, UK - Stop The War - 09 - George Galloway. Licensed under CC BY 2.0 via Wikimedia Commons -,_02.jpg#mediaviewer/File:George_Galloway_2007-02-24,_02.jpg

George Galloway. Source: David Hunt, Warwickshire, UK , via Wikimedia

Following George Galloway‘s appearance on the UK’s Question Time television program, a Guardian journalist by the name of Hadley Freeman tweeted this:


George’s response was this:


If you do a search for #libelGalloway on Twitter, you may be entertained by the response. Probably not what George wanted.

Ms Freeman deleted the tweet. I’m uncertain if that was cowardice or not, but then again I am not in the firing line and she is. Or was. Or maybe still is. Anyway, the twittersphere and cyberspace is awash with uncomplimentary remarks about George.

There’s good coverage and comment here and here. But I particularly like the Harry’s Place piece which concludes as follows:

When someone maintains friendly relations with notorious antisemites; demonizes Israel and holds it to a different standard from other countries, especially on matters of human rights and self-defense; focuses laser-like on Israel’s crimes and misdeeds (some of which are imaginary or exaggerated, others of which are all too real) while ignoring, excusing, glorifying or doing propaganda for governments of other countries which are far less free and do far worse (see also here, here and here); trivializes the Holocaust by comparing Israel’s actions in Gaza to the systematic starvation to death and ultimate slaughter of more than 300,000 Jews in the Warsaw Ghetto; says that of all the countries in the world, the only one that has no right to exist is the one with a Jewish majority; and when almost half of the world’s Jews live in that state and the great majority of Jews living elsewhere support it– then the burden is not on me to prove that person is antisemitic. Rather the burden is on him to prove that he is not.

The funny thing is, I suspect George believes he is not an anti-semite. But as is the same with many of his other views, he is mistaken. The burden is, indeed, on him to show otherwise.