The shabby affair of William Schabas

By way of follow up to Tie me kangaroo down sport, I wanted to draw your attention to some further material that is relevant. It may come in handy for those times when you come across somebody not fully versed in the facts, but still willing to demonize Israel.

First, there’s a short, sharp, and justifiably righteous piece by Herb Keinon at the Jerusalem Post. He points out:

“Rather, Schabas quit because Schabas was caught.”

Then, there’s a post by Mirabelle at IsraellyCool which offers this interesting observation about the work Schabas did for the PLO:

“If Schabas had charged a fair price for such work, the bill could have easily been ten times the amount charged, or more. He basically did the work for the PLO close to free of charge.”

Finally, the Elder of Ziyon notes that Schabas’ resignation letter (perhaps unwittingly) exposes the UN Human Rights Council for the scoundrels that they are:

“Can you imagine hiring anyone for any position where objectivity is a key component of the job, and not even asking a single question about such conflicts of interest?

On the contrary. Schabas’ description of how he was chosen implies that the UNHRC chose him because of his well-known attitudes towards Israel, not in spite of them!

In other words, instead of his resignation letter showing that he is unfairly being attacked as he intends, it shows that the criticism of both him and the entire commission is more than justified. Schabas’ letter proves not only his own unsuitability for the job; it shows UNHRC’s bias that underlies the entire idea of a commission of inquiry to begin with.”

All in all, though the report will still undoubtedly feature much condemnation of Israel, the Schabas episode offers objective observers yet further proof of the special attention Israel receives, and for all the wrong – hateful, bigoted, and politically biased – reasons.