Stand with Herzog

By way of follow up to this post: And what if Bibi is right?, David Horovitz at the Times of Israel has penned an op-ed entitled:

Now we know who to believe on Iran.

Hint: it’s not Obama.

It starts thus:

“In an op-ed on February 9, I suggested that Israel’s opposition leader, Isaac Herzog, should stand alongside Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu before Congress on March 3, to underline “their common conviction that the regime in Tehran cannot be appeased and must be faced down.”

On Monday evening, as details of the looming US-led deal with Iran emerged from Geneva, Israel’s most respected Middle East affairs analyst, Channel 2 commentator Ehud Ya’ari, made precisely the same suggestion. So problematic are the reported terms of the deal, Ya’ari indicated, that Israel’s two leading contenders in the March 17 elections, Netanyahu and Herzog, need to put aside their differences and make plain to US legislators that the need to thwart such an accord crosses party lines in Israel and stands as a consensual imperative.”

Read it all here,

I like the suggestion of cross party solidarity at Congress. That would fix a lot of the noise coming out of the White House (which sounds remarkably childish and petty to me) and silence much of the baying crowd. (OK; maybe that’s a touch optimistic, but it is still worthwhile because it seems like the right thing to do.) It may be too late to stop this awful deal, but it is not too late for Bibi to act like a statesman, recognize the situation, and rise to the occasion.

Come on Bibi; stand with Herzog!