Real Monopoly money

From the Guardian:

Monopoly maker secretly includes real money in special edition of game
Hasbro has produced versions of the boardgame with Monopoly money replaced with real cash

Unfortunately, when you read on you find out this is only in France. Shame on you, Hasbro!

There can’t be a Monopoly fan in the world who has not dreamed of one day playing the game with real money.

Hold on a minute. I don’t remember that dream…

Now, for the 80th anniversary of Monopoly’s first appearance in France, manufacturers are providing exactly that – at least for 80 lucky buyers.

Only one set will land the major jackpot, in which every game note is replaced by real money – for a total windfall of 20,580 euros ($23,268).

In addition, 10 sets will contain five real 20-euro notes, two 50-euro notes and one 100-euro note.

A lesser prize can be scooped in 69 sets, which will have five 10-euro notes and five 20-euro notes.

“We wanted to do something unique,” said Florence Gaillard, brand manager at Hasbro France, which rolled out the prize sets from Monday.

By way of confession, please note it doesn’t matter to me; no matter how much money they put in sets for sale in Israel, I’m not buying any!

Read all of the nearly naked dressing up of a press release, here.