Life as a lawyer can suck

Every year, Roll on Friday does a sort of alternative Firm of the Year competition for the legal profession. It’s primarily different because they ask the people who work inside the firms to rate them. Of course it’s anonymous…

However, despite its unscientific nature, there are certain recurrent themes at certain firms. After leaving the profession, based on what I knew then, when I read the ratings and the comments, they were not out of place. They may have been embarrassing for the firm management. (Or not, since some law management teams were (and are) arrogant beyond belief.) And there seems little doubt that the regularly under performing  firms have sometimes made an effort to put things right.

So, while it is no surprise that behind the flashy front office, life as a lawyer can suck, take a little time out to look at some of the comments from this year, here.

Here’s a taster:

Motivational Speaking Award

“The partner who likes to give tours of the building, pointing out non-lawyers to their guests and calling them ‘the overheads who don’t make us any money’ won’t be winning any prizes for motivational speaking.” Nabarro

The really funny aspect? To this ex-lawyer, it sounds exactly like the thing a numpty of a lawyer would say. And not in jest.

The next time you meet a lawyer, you may see him or her a little differently.