Letter of the week

By way of follow up to my post Send in the clowns, here’s the wonderful letter appearing in today’s Guardian, from Ashkelon resident Stephen Malnick:

“As a citizen of Ashkelon who was nearly killed in the recent conflict with Gaza when part of a missile missed my car by a few metres, I have a message for those artists with a selective communal conscience. I do not want you to visit my city and insult 120,000 people who were under daily attack in violation of international law. There are no military targets in Ashkelon but lots of Jews.

After you make a stand against the extrajudicial killing of people in Gaza, and after you make a stand on the whipping of a blogger in Saudi Arabia, and you apologise to the citizens of Ashkelon, I will consider extending you hospitality.

I will continue my daily tasks, including treating Gazans who are brought to the medical centre I work in for advanced medical treatment. Odd, isn’t it, that they visit but you won’t? Even odder that I will welcome them and not you.

Well done that man!

Silly artists. And looking sillier by the day.