If the story doesn’t fit, ignore it

That must be the explanation.

What else could it be.

Of what am I talking?

This, from the Times of Israel:

Israel’s defense minister on Monday accused the Palestinian Authority of failing to implement a deal that would have placed PA presidential guards at the border crossings in and out of Gaza after the 50-day war in the region last summer, enabling the easing of the blockade on the Strip.

“We tried after [Operation] Protective Edge, with Egyptian agreement, to facilitate the entry of the PA into the Strip, but they didn’t want it,” Moshe Ya’alon said in a videotaped address to the annual conference of the INSS — the Institute for National Security Studies.

Egypt, he said, “treats Hamas as a hostile element, even as enemies,” and therefore it was clear that the only way to allow the more open transfer of goods and people in and out of Gaza to Israel and Egypt would be through the stationing of PA troops at the border crossings.

“We created a three-way mechanism — the [Israeli] Coordinator of Government Activities in the Territories, the Palestinian prime minister, and the UN representative Robert Serry. What’s left of that today? The coordinator and Robert Serry. The Palestinians ran away! They are good at accusing us at the UN and the Security Council and the ICC. But when it comes time to take responsibility, they are nowhere, and this was not the first time.

The blockade. The one that Israel haters scream abuse about. The one that Israel offered to ease (despite the risk to itself). That blockade. It seems like the Palestinian leadership has no interest in doing the right thing for its people. Shame on it.

Shame also on the mainstream (non Israeli) media that deem this not newsworthy. Of course it’s newsworthy; it’s just that it does not fit with the party line of Israel bad, Palestinians good.

Another point to note for future reference the next time your nearest and dearest Israel haters start to go on about the blockade. Tell them to contact Abbas. He has some explaining to do.