Damn fools, and liars

As you may have heard, the winter rain flooded parts of Gaza, and the Palestinian authorities in the shape of Hamas decided to put out a ridiculous story (not for the first time) that it was Israel’s fault. Israel had opened the floodgates in some mysterious dam, and flooded Gaza as an act of war, a crime against humanity, and so on, and so on. (Check out the background here and here, if you want to.)

Well, as an acid test for fact checking – like there are no dams, and no possibility of Israel causing the flooding – huge chunks of the media failed. They blindly repeated the lie. Some even stuck to it after the facts were pointed out to them. You know: the facts they should have, and could have, checked before printing a modern day libel. But they didn’t.

Media cloth – never mind the quality

In one view, this is because journalism in the mainstream has so cut its cloth and reduced the quality of its output to cope with demands for quantity (and speed) that there is neither budget nor time for fact checking.

Media mindset – Israel = bad

Another view is that the media believes anything bad that is said about Israel. Israel, in short, is automatically guilty.

It reminds me of my time working as a defense lawyer in the criminal justice system in Scotland. Sometimes the police lied in evidence. Privately they would admit it. When asked why, the most popular response was something like:

“Well, he probably did it anyway. And even if he didn’t, he did do other stuff. So he deserves to be found guilty.”

That sounds awfully like the media’s bull headed and wrong headed attitude towards Israel. The question is: why?

I’m going to stop there before I post something I will regret later. Meantime, you can think what your own answer might be.

A society of liars

The other observation is that, once again, we see that Palestinian Society has no real values in this area. They lie, lie, and lie again. They lie without remorse, restraint, or fear of the consequences, though they surely know it’s a lie.

There is a poison at the core of Palestinian society, and stories like this prove its existence. Why should anybody trust a society that can collectively promote lying?

The elephant has disappeared

The final point is one you won’t see raised in the western media. Gaza has a problem with winter rain. There are regular floods. Why don’t they do something about it? Wouldn’t it be better for the people of Gaza, for Hamas to build drainage and civilian infrastructure, instead of terror tunnels? Why is nobody outside of Israel asking these questions? Why are the UN, UNWRA, and the so called human rights organizations, silent on this? They are all a disgrace.