Acquiring a win


This week’s session saw newcomer Amiram, John, Sheer, and Yehuda join Susan and me for a varied night of gaming encounters.

While I waited for Yehuda, I setup Amiram, John, Sheer, and Susan to play the classic Ticket to Ride: Europe.

Amiram was the only one completely new the game, but he picked it up well, and wasn’t that far away. Poor John, who had played the app version was rather cut up by the human players in the real game! Susan had the most tickets completed, but Sheer’s combiantion of tickets and longest network meant he was the winner.

Yehuda and I played Netrunner and Tash-Kalar while the others finished off their Ticket to Ride game. We scored one win apiece.

Susan retired, and the remaining five of us played Acquire. I think both Amiram and John were new to this game, but again both picked it up well. Indeed, John did so well I think he finished second, with Amiram, Sheer, and Yehuda close behind. But I got the win. (Don’t ask me why, but there are some games I know I will do well at, no matter what. Acquire is one of them.)

Thanks to all who came for helping make the night great fun.