A long and illustrious career awaits you

With this game, newly out of the wrapper, it’s a career in Napoleon’s Grande Armee.


Designed by Richard Kane and Mike Ruttler, and published by Clash of Arms, this is a military role playing card game. You take the part of a soldier in the army, and through various campaigns you get the opportunity to fight, progress, and live to tell the tale. (Sometimes.) You may even change history…

The rules feature wine, women, and song, opportunities for heroism and discretion, and a mountain of historical period detail delivered – in the main – by the 200 cards. On top of the cards, you get a lengthy color rulebook, a booklet of examples of play, several playing aids on cards, and a supply of decimal dice.

I suspect the examples were taken out of the rules to keep the rulebook length down. I do not like that approach. I didn’t like the graphical look of the rulebook either, with its faux period font and color scheme. However, it’s the game that matters, and even a brief read through the rules suggests there’s a lot of enjoyment to be had here with the right people in the right frame of mind. Even better, it is playable solitaire.