The train now arriving at Platform 1 is late

Today (Sunday) was HP Software’s R&D Day – an internal corporate event, with a mix of presentations about different parts of the business, entertainment, food, and drink. It was held in the Tel Aviv Convention Center, right by the train station at Tel Aviv University. So, rather than drive, I took the train. Guess what? Today was the day there was some unplanned disruption to the service. From Globes:

Derailment causes havoc on coast line

A derailed maintenance train led to severe delays in Israel’s busiest day for rail travel.

On the busiest day of the week in Israel, when tens of thousands of passengers are making their way to work and soldiers are returning to their bases after weekend leave, Israel Railways’ timetable was disrupted today.

The cause was a maintenance train that became derailed north of Binyamina, leading to delays on the coastal line between Biyamina and Tel Aviv. No injuries are reported.

Israel Railways said earlier this morning that the derailed train had been removed, but that delays were continuing to be felt on the route. Technical staff are dealing with the damaged track.

Israel Railways stressed that other parts of the rail network were operating normally.

The delay wasn’t that bad – about twenty minutes – and I was still well on time. But the episode does highlight how fragile the transport infrastructure is in our small country.