The Hamas Three Step Program

Source: Michel Chaton/Wikimedia

Source: Michel Chaton/Wikimedia

Follow along, and see how the darling terrorists of the liberal world responded to last week’s atrocities in Paris.

Step 1

Praised the attacks.

Step 2

Condemned the attacks. (After removing all praise from Hamas websites.)

Step 3

Blamed Israel for the attacks. (No, you couldn’t make it up.)


Threatened to kill all Jews who move from France to Israel.

The Hamas Three Step Program. Recommended if you feel there just isn’t enough antisemitism in the world.


  1. Check out the details at the Elder of Ziyon. As the Elder says: “So in the course of three days, Hamas went from pretending that they were against killing innocent civilians to threatening to murder every single French man, woman or child who immigrates to Israel.
  2. Let me know if you see any coverage of this in the Western media. Apparently, it’s not newsworthy.