The Brits need chutzpah?

Check this out from the Register:

Brits need chutzpah to copy Israeli cyberspies’ tech creche – ex-spooks

GCHQ needs culture change first

Feature Israel’s intelligence agency, Unit 8200, has been a production line for hi-tech startups since the 1980s, a success British politicians are now seeking to emulate. Yet replicating that success in Blighty may be difficult because of cultural and environmental differences that may prove difficult to overcome.

Cabinet Office minister Francis Maude MP recently visited Israel, where, amongt other things, he met some Unit 8200 alumni. Cabinet Office spinners briefed the press soon afterwards about UK hopes of turning GCHQ into an incubator for the next generation of tech entrepreneurs.

As the article and some commenters mention, chutzpah is probably the least of it. The fact of army life and the general culture are also important. Interestingly, some of the comments suggest that being at peace makes you lazy. (See? It’s good to be at war! Hmmm.)

Points of note:

  • The comments are less offensive than you might see at the Guardian – OK, I know that’s not much praise – but it will have to do
  • There doesn’t appear to be any suggestion about GCHQ might effect a culture change. (Convert en masse to Judaism?)
  • State sponsored hacking is a win-win activity: it creates jobs in the state and the private sector!
  • Would you trust a security company from the USA that was run by former USA army tech people? So why are Israeli companies trusted? Or am I just too cynical?

Check the article out here.