Shabbat Gaming

Last Shabbat, Chaim dropped in to join Lori, Susan and me in an impromptu gaming session. I was thinking about playing Among the Stars, but Chaim had brought Relic Runners, and we decided to give that a shot.


Relic Runners is a competitive game where the players are racing about the board, trying to collect the most victory points (and bonus actions to help them) from raiding – Indiana Jones style – places of archaeological interest in the jungle.

One core mechanic is that you have to pay for certain actions with the game currency of provisions. You can, in the main, get provisions by going back to base. So, you need to plan and time your raids so as to be able to efficiently get back and refuel.

The standards of production are high, and the game has a good feel. In short, it’s fun. It was just the right length, and the rules were straightforward with few queries after we had played a couple of rounds. There is an element of luck – you do not always know what you might find – but not too much for me. I really liked one mechanic that allows you to choose your special bonus, and even try and improve it.

Chaim having played it before, it wasn’t a surprise that he was the winner. Susan and I barely managed half his score. But Lori proved her abilities with an impressive 50+ points on that first outing, well above what a typical player would get, and damn close to pulling off a real surprise.

That was a good session, and a game I would like to try again.