Lucy is an ordinary (albeit beautiful) girl, asked by her boyfriend of one week to deliver a briefcase. That straightforward task propels her into a nightmare encounter with a drug lord who recruits her as a drug mule. From there on, the film goes off in an unexpected direction as the crime caper becomes a science fiction tale.

The central idea and message is simple enough, though I found parts of how the film portrayed this as daft. (I’ll leave the details to avoid spoiling the plot, but you can get the gist from the film’s poster.) However, Scarlett Johansson is terrific in the lead role, and almost makes you ignore the silly bits. Morgan Freeman adds gravitas where it is needed, Amr Waked is perfect as the police detective caught in the fallout, while Min-sik Choi is a wonderful crime lord.

In short, fine acting performances and a decent idea, combine well. Some of the cinematography – such as the flashbacks – was excellent, but the fight scenes did not have the same quality; they were missing something.

The ending, and the film’s message, are a good way to send you away in a thoughtful mode. It’s decent entertainment with a bit added on. Not bad at all, and definitely worth seeing.