Five for Friday

And so the weekend beckons. It’s a very welcome pause in the hectic rush of day-to-day life, as always. Every week, however, is different – so it is not the case that this is a break from any monotony. Oh no. Every week is unique, with a fair share of surprises and twists; some at work, and some at home. Maybe that’s another of the everlasting redemptive qualities of observing Shabbat: even if the things you do in any one Shabbat are different – for example, whether you are invited out for meals, whether you go to any shiurim, whether there’s a simchah in shul, and so on – there’s always, for me, this overwhelming sense of peace, of rest, of distinction about Shabbat. I enjoy it. I savor it. I hope you get something enjoyable, or worth savoring out of this week’s collection of links.

Shabbat Shalom!