Five for Friday

Winter is still with us in Israel. We continue to have some rainy days, and the clouds are often ominous, threatening, and dark. And it’s cold. When I say cold, I mean compared to the temperatures during the rest of the year. (For example, it’s not cold compared to the Scottish temperatures I was used to.) So, we continue to talk about the weather. Changed days, indeed.

Other events are still happening here. The forthcoming election, for example. And the rest of the world is going through one of its introspective phases. Free speech? Offensive speech? I saw a great comment somewhere about the Guardian: they will happily print op-eds from Hamas and Hamas supporters, but won’t print a picture of Mohammed. It seems, as usual, there’s a lot of talk and less by way of change. Other than more armed guards at French Jewish establishments.

Whatever else is or isn’t happening, it’s still the weekend. Therefore, here are this week’s set of links for you. Maybe they will help you forget what a mess things look like. Then again…