Building a win


This week’s session saw Susan and I host John, Laurie, Sheer, and Yehuda for a couple of three player games.

At the other side of the table, Yehuda ran a game of Amerigo, then a game of San Juan, both with Laurie and John. I believe he won both. Because I was busy with my own games, I do not have any meaningful recollection of what happened, though it appeared John liked his introduction to both games, and Yehuda was getting tired of both. Clarification is awaited!

On my side of the table, I ran a game of Suburbia, then a game of Dominion, both with Susan and Sheer.

In Suburbia, I beat out the others because I could claim all three public goals and my own goal. As Sheer commented, the goals are very powerful. As I commented, that’s why I think it is a mistake to ignore them.

In Dominion, I beat out the others by going for a money first strategy. That allowed me to be the first to buy VPs, and even although I received a ton of curses (negative VPs), I burned enough away with the Chapel card. Sheer had a very impressive Market based deck, but it just did not generate enough money early enough. Susan seemed to play lost of Spy, Thief, and Witch cards. While these impacted badly on the other players, Susan did not seem able to benefit sufficiently, and struggled to get VPs.

It was good to get in a couple of chunky games, though I was hoping to try out the Leaders expansion for 7 Wonders. Some were not keen on it. This is interesting: no matter how highly rated a game is, there always seem to be players who do not like it and do not want to play it. That’s not a complaint; it’s an observation about there being different strokes for different folks. I wonder what strokes we will get up to next week?