Your staff are your most important resource

Many employers recognize this, at least so far as saying it. But actually living up to it is another thing.

This may be a useful illustration from the Scotsman:

An Edinburgh barman served up free pints and “exaggerated” shots to baffled drinkers for an entire shift following a bitter quarrel with his boss, it has been claimed.

Patrons at Dirty Dick’s bar told how they were treated to endless rounds of free drink on Monday night – and even urged to write scathing online reviews about the Rose Street pub – when a disgruntled bartender decided to wreak revenge on the landlord.

The barman even drew up a sign slating his boss which claimed his colleague had been fired earlier that day for eating a salad during a ten-hour shift.

And it implored revellers to take write withering online remarks about the pub on 
reviews website TripAdvisor to damage its reputation.

Something went wrong, that’s for sure. Read it all, here, and try not to be too jealous of the punters who had all those free drinks!